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1.3. Lec may use 3 types of cookies on our website:

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  • 1.3.3. Cross platform advertising and user recognition – We also use Cookies provided by Facebook. These Cookies operate in different ways but are used in connection with advertising served to a user of the Lec web site on Facebook, the recognition of such users and the devices used by the user to access Facebook and the Lec web site. This Cookie is placed by Facebook. It enables Lec to measure, optimise and build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook. In particular it enables Lec to see how our users move between devices when accessing the Lec ng web site and Facebook, to ensure that Lec Facebook advertising is seen by our users most likely to be interested in such advertising by analysing which content a user has viewed and interacted with on the Lec web site. For further information about the Facebook Pixel please see: