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Here at Lec we are committed to providing a comprehensive after sales service to all our customers.


Please check for blockages in the drain hole. You can pour a small amount of hot water down the condensate channel. Please check the fridge door is closing firmly, the thermostat is not set to the maximum setting, and that no food items are touching the back wall of the fridge. If the issue persists, please request an engineer visit.

The compressor on your freezer is designed to keep it at the correct temperature. If you notice your freezer is making a 'whirring' noise for extended periods of time, your compressor is simply working harder to keep it at the right temperature. To reduce the amount of time your compressor is active, ensure the ambient temperature is inside the recommended range for your fridge/freezer. Opening the freezer door very frequently or for extended periods can also cause the compressor to run for long periods of time, so keeping the door closed will allow the temperature to stabilise.

Frost-free freezers feature an evaporator system, circulation fan and defrost heater which are concealed behind the back wall of the freezer compartment.  Because of the space taken up by this equipment, the overall usable space (net capacity) of the freezer compartment is reduced.  For this reason, it is not practical to have frost-free technology on smaller freezers and ice boxes, although the technology is very useful on larger freezers.

Please check that the drain tube from the drainage hole is directed into the evaporation pan (drip tray) at the back of the machine on top of the motor.  If it is draining straight onto the floor, then reposition the tube into the tray. If the issue persists, please request an engineer visit.

Basically the higher the star number, the longer the frozen food can be stored for. Only 4-star compartments are capable of freezing fresh food. The data plate on the appliance will show the maximum kg capacity of fresh food which can be frozen in a 24 hour period.

1 star = stores already frozen food for up to 1 week (at about -6 degrees Celsius)
2 stars = stores already frozen food for up to 1 month (at about -12 degrees Celsius)
3 stars = stores already frozen food for up to 12 months (at about -18 degrees Celsius)
4 stars = stores already frozen food for up to 12 months AND can freeze fresh food (at about -18 degrees Celsius).

Unlike in a fridge where you need the internal light to come on each time you open the door in order to see what is lurking at the back, in a wine cooler there is no need for the internal light to come on unless you specifically want it to.

We understand that every kitchen is different and that you need your appliances to work around you. That is why we have designed our wine coolers so that the door can be reversed. Inside each appliance there is a fittings kit which allows you to switch the way the doors open on your appliance. Please refer to your appliance’s user manual for step by step instructions on how to reverse the door.

There are a few things that you can check to eliminate any easily fixable problems before you telephone our customer care team. Firstly, please check the door is closed properly. You can then check that the temperature is set correctly, see the instructions above for information on how to take off the safety lock setting to adjust the temperature in your appliance. You can also make sure that the appliance isn’t overloaded and that it has been installed with the correct ventilation as per the user manual.

 For models equipped with a humidity system to maintain the optimal level of water content in the air within the wine cooler. The container is the humidity regulator’s reservoir. Fill the humidity reservoir approximately 3/4 full of water. Place the reservoir on the runners on the top shelf as shown in the instruction manual. 

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