Hand-Shaken Sorbet


This is a fun, fruity and refreshing recipe but also a great experiment for the kids to try at home. Create a range of different sorbets using different fruit juices so everyone can enjoy!

The salt makes the sorbet freeze quicker because it lowers the freezing point. The heat is transferred from the juice to the ice, freezing the juice and making sorbet. Fun fact: This is called an endothermic process!

  1. First up, pour the fruit juice into one of the resealable bags and seal up tightly.
  2. In the second freezer bag pop in the salt and ice.
  3. Put the SEALED fruit juice bag into the ice and salt bag and seal again.
  4. Now SHAKE (super hard!) The salt meets the ice and makes it even colder and it will start to freeze the fruit juice.
  5. Keep shaking until you see that it’s freezing.
  6. Remove the salt and ice bag and just give the sorbet bag a quick rinse. 
  7. Roll the bag edges down and scoop out your sorbet, you can eat it straight away or freeze for later. Fun and delicious!


Prep time:

Cook time:

Serves: 0

  • 200ml of fruit juice (any flavours you like)

  • 150g salt

  • 300g ice

  • 2 sealable freezer bags