Lec on George Clarke's Old House, New Home

George Clarke is on the hunt to unlock the potential in homes that have lost their character and appeal over the years with his new series Old House, New Home.

Lec was delighted to help the new Channel 4 programme bring space-saving solutions to a kitchen that was no longer practical for families, and help to reimagine it in a way that is now ready for the 21st century.

Did you spot our R50263 under-counter refrigerator in the series' first episode? It featured Emily, who lives in a 400-year-old Devon cottage and was having trouble with the interior style of her new house.

R50263 1

Feeling like her home was dated and in need of a change, George and the team refreshed and updated her kitchen.

Our R50263 refrigerator helped to bring in a contemporary feel, while complementing the home's vintage style. Emily was able to have a functional new kitchen, with much more space than before.

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R50263 2