Freezing Dairy Products

You’ll be surprised at how many food items can actually be frozen and stored for later. Dairy products are a great example – with a little pre-preparation, they freeze well to help you reduce waste.


Whether it’s flavoured or plain, you can freeze yogurt by transferring it from its packaging into small tubs. Frozen yogurt is delicious when used in smoothies, or you could even make frozen yogurt ice pops as a healthy children’s snack. Make sure to use up any frozen yogurt within two months.


If you find yourself with more eggs than you can use before they go out of date, you can safely and easily store them in the freezer. Simply break them out of their shells – you can freeze them whole or separated into egg whites and yolks. Thawed eggs must be thoroughly cooked before consuming.


Hard cheeses, such as cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese freeze really well. Cheese can become crumbly when thawed, so makes for a great topping on salads! We’d recommend cutting into portions and wrapping individually before freezing, to ensure you don’t defrost any more than you need.


Don’t worry about any milk going to waste – this can be frozen for use at a later date. Transfer into a container (ensuring there’s a little room for it to expand) and pop in the freezer. Once thawed, make sure to stir or shake well before use as the liquid can separate when frozen. Our top tip is to try freezing milk in an ice cube tray for use in tasty iced coffees or smoothies!

Freezers aren’t only great for ice cubes and frozen veg – prevent waste and save money by discovering all the different food items you can store and save for later.